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oh, you are the roots that sleep beneath my feet and hold the earth in place

im moving into mine curtis's and dust's apartment tomorrow. people that want to come see it feel free to give me a call, and depending on how i feel towards you, you might can come see it.

most people say that they don't regret anything in the past. i was thinking today, and only god knows how many things i regret. tip of advice to everyone: don't blow anything off. dont be indecisive. especially when you've been given the same choice time and time again, because when your finally ready to make a decision, it'll probably be too late. time is apparently a very precious thing. so make the best of it and do all you can with it. otherwise it will just screw you over time and time again.

because of me laying around almost all day, i didn't get the cable figured out for the apartment. so i will be lacking internet for awhile. so if anyone every wants to get in touch with me, just call or send a message, and depending on my mood i might respond. unless your a close friend, then i will make it a point to answer/message back.

and as a little review of the show the other night, it wasn't bad.
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