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i give you my hand if you reach out and grab it...

man. i love and hate this time of year. so much has changed the past three years. especially this past year. people have come. people have gone. people have changed. i feel like ive lost at least one of my best friends. some of my others i hardly see anymore. im sure some of thats my fault. sure, ive made friends since. but its not like they're replacing anybody.

three constants i can always count on: curtis, tyler, and isaac. only three that have always seemingly been there for me. there have been others that have been there, especially during that wonderful little state of mind i was in a year ago. curtis, logan, nikki, you three helped more than anyone. thank you for not letting me go completely insane.

others have come that i love and trust now. some seem to have gone though. i guess it's a part of life. but it SUCKS.

in other news ill be gone tomorrow. shall be quite fun. and i just realized i have to get up in about three hours. wonderful. im going to bed.
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